Japan Carnival #YOSAKOI 2024 

Join us in Japan’s biggest street parade festival, YOSAKOI !!
Watch out for our brand new YOSAKOl team, 「CANAVALAVA」
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About Kochi
Kochi prefecture spreads east to west embracing the Pacific Ocean on the southern side of Shikoku, smallest of the four main islands of Japan.

Kochi is blessed and is famous for its rich nature…green mountains, crystal rivers and wide ocean are found everywhere, some only 30 mins drive from the city area.
You can also enjoy delicious food in Kochi. Fresh local vegetables are always available, and great sea food includes popular ‘Katsuo(bonito)’ that satisfies almost everyone who visits Kochi.
People of Kochi are friendly and cheerful, and as you can guess from the power of Yosakoi Festival, they are very energetic. They love to drink, and `Okyaku’ is one of their important traditions where people all gather to drink for any occasion from wedding to funeral, nowadays literally anything as long as everyone can have fun and feel like one big Kochi family in the end.
Kochi’s summer is a big festival season with the Yosakoi Festival, held every year on Aug. 10th and 11th. Come and witness the whole Kochi city turn into carnival parade!

Yosakoi Festival is a summer festival held on August 10th and 11th in Kochi City, first started in 1954 and is now the biggest parade style festival in Japan where people dance passionately to the music at 15 different dancing spots. During this festival, 20000 masqueraders with Naruko clappers in their hands (which is an essential tradition style) parade around the city, performing in full of energy, cheer and colors. Participants are free to choose a team(band) to join, usually making choices by each team’s costumes, music and original choreographs. Each team comes up with their own original styles and this is what makes Yosakoi Festival so unique and appealing when compared to other festivals in Japan.

Additionally, the ornately decorated music trucks called Jikatasha is another fun element of Yosakoi Festival. The whole town turns into a powerful stage with thousands of happy audiences cheering along the streets…a fascinating experience guaranteed!

About Team CANAVAL (CANAVALAVA in summer 2023)
CANAVAL is a Yosakoi Team founded in 2008 by Selector Hemo, who is known as a pioneer for introducing Soca music to Japan. She was born in Kochi city, where she grew up dancing in Yosakoi Festival. Through her multiple visits to Caribbean islands, she realized that Yosakoi Festival was somehow similar to carnival in Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean countries. Soon she came up with an idea to combine Caribbean style carnival with Yosakoi Festival, and after continuous process of trial and error, this one and only team CANAVAL started getting into action.

CANAVAL played Soca music in full volume with masqueraders wearing mas-like costumes jumping and wining, the mixture of Japanese traditional style and Caribbean style parade was so unique that it drew huge attention from the audience. One of the major highlights of CANAVAL is when Machel Montano, the soca king from Trinidad was invited to the team in 2017. This was the last performance for CANAVAL in Yosakoi Festival as Selector Hemo decided to take a break after keeping the team for 10 years.

This year CANAVAL returns, and we’re taking things to a new level, new stage! Now is your chance to be the first to experience her new Yosakoi team in summer 2023.


Selector HEMO: Japan’s Soca Maestro and Cultural Connector. Founder of LIME Records. Renowned DJ, Producer, and Cultural Ambassador. With an impressive 50+ trips to the Caribbean, she has pioneered the fusion of Caribbean vibes and Tokyo beats. Notably, she orchestrated a mesmerizing collaboration, blending the infectious Yosakoi dance with the world-renowned Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, giving birth to the electrifying Yosakoi team CANAVAL. Pushing boundaries, shaping music, and fostering cross-cultural connections, Selector HEMO’s vibrant melodies and rhythmic journeys transcend borders, leaving audiences enchanted and yearning for more. Experience the magic where Soca meets Yosakoi, guided by the visionary selector herself.

▼Interview with Selector Hemo. ↓Click!!

selectorHEMO interview


FATIMATA, a dancer who brings infectious smiles and dynamic dance moves, constantly delivering laughter and vibrancy. With over 20 years of experience in teaching African dance, she has choreographed for members of EXILE and has also had the experience of working on choreography, supervision, and appearances for NHK’s children’s dance program. As a pioneer in spreading the African street dance style “Azonto Afrobeats” to Japan, she conveys joy and exhilaration through her dance performances.

Choreography:Reiko Hirai

Born in Kochi City, Japan.
Engaged in Yosakoi dance since the age of 2.
A passionate advocate of Kochi’s Yosakoi and local culture.
Has choreographed for Yosakoi teams in Kochi Prefecture, Hokkaido, and Ghana.
Sharpening her insights to never miss out on anything interesting or captivating in her daily life.

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